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Does tenant insurance cover more than just damage to my property? Iím not that bothered about having to just repaint between tenancies and maybe replace a few of the fittings.

As already stated the right tenant insurance will also give the professional help (and pay the costs) of evicting tenants in the worst case scenarios. But thatís not all. Most policies should include plenty of legal liability cover as well Ė a vague-sounding concept but one that is increasingly important in todayís litigious world. As a landlord you really can be held responsible if your negligence over repairs or maintenance is deemed to have contributed to an accident or worse to one of your tenants. Insurance can help you fight your corner in court. Decent tenant insurance will also protect you against loss of rent in various circumstances. If your tenants have to move out after a problem with the building you can claim rent, for example. The maximum mount paid is normally based on a percentage of the sum assured for buildings insurance purposes rather than the rent itself and should be explained when you sign up to the policy. Also on offer with many policies are low cost tenant referencing schemes while the likes of HomeLet also offer emergency assistance policies. These promise 24 hour help with domestic crises like burst pipes or broken heating systems. Being able to take early action should help protect the fabric of your investment, reduce your stress levels and make your tenants more comfortable in their home.